Alan Begg at Bankley Studios

Alan Begg

23.5 mixed media installation 2007
56 north time-based installation (detail) 2008
axis paper sculpture 2017

Alan Begg's practice is primarily sculpture and includes temporary site-specific installations and collaborative projects. Drawing, photography and video are also integral to his working process and research.

Begg's work explores connections between sculptural form and states of mind or awareness. A series of interlinked wooden forms, generated from the angle of tilt of the Earth's axis, are combined with materials which reflect and absorb light such as foil and felt, to produce a visual meditation on the experience of seasonal affective disorder. A time-based installation uses photo-luminous paint and precise geometries aligned to the Pole Star to focus attention towards the imperceptible transitions of twilight and alter a viewer's perception of subtle change. He is currently working on a series of small-scale paper sculptures which explore the dualities of light and darkness as a visual dialogue of opposites.

Begg graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with an MFA in Sculpture 2008. Awards for his artwork include the Andrew Grant Major Award (ECA 2007) and the Deloitte Prize (Society of Scottish Artists 2008).

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