Helen Wheeler at Bankley Studios

Helen Wheeler

Begin Well, End Better
Bygone Futures

Wheeler’s sculptures embrace the possibilities of change, harnessing natural forces within their creation. The resulting works often draw strong parallels with nature on both the macro and micro scale.

Investigating boundaries between the seen and unseen, digital and analogue and working with concepts surrounding medical imaging technologies, her plaster sculptures make visible magnetic forces and their interactions, recorded in a solid state, referencing historic and current archiving technologies as well as our physical environment.

Her glass works explore notions of growth, separation, replication, and malfunction. Wheeler often repeats processes to evolve her glass forms beyond functioning objects. Pushing hand-blown and stretched glass to its structural limits, encapsulating the breath, time, and gravity to create fragile functionless objects which possess an internal beauty, frozen in a state of imminent change or collapse.

Wheeler is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practice is underpinned by both analogue and digital photography as well as drawing. Main research areas include apocalypse, the sublime, mortality, the body and science.

Wheeler won the 2013 NADFAS North West Bursary Award for Fine Art and was also the recipient of the Leonard James Little Fine Art Prize. In 2016 she won the Bankley Open Call and exhibited at the 2016 Manchester Contemporary.

Artist's Contact Number : 07739 344403
Artist's Website URL : http://cargocollective.com/helenwheeler
Artist's Email Address : helen.e.wheeler@gmail.com