James Ackerley at Bankley Studios

James Ackerley

'The Frictionless World' Solo show at TOAST Manchester
'Crane' 2011
Studio objects from 2016

As a primarily studio based artist, I put a strong emphasis on the process of making, thinking-about and studying objects inside this environment - these ‘studio objects’ allow me to work through a broad range of thoughts using a clearly defined set of rules and parameters. Though it’s kind of a cliche, these rules streamline my decision making process, and the modular nature of the making process allows structures, images and forms to take shape more easily. Given the incremental nature of my making process, I have begun considering each object as comparable to words in a glossary - elements being added, removed or expanded with each new work, their interchangeability allowing each studio object to enter into a dialogue with every other one in a more fluid way - with this, each object I make acts as component part of a wider structure that is my practice.
I am interested in the history of geometry, formalism and minimalism, as well as spatial concerns and scale. These interests act as a kind of syllabus, which I can reference from, allowing me to relate the works to a wider range of shared experiences and compositional gestures outside of my own experience (the straight line, weight, volume, tension and the like). I feel this is important so as to curb my own authority as an artist, and furthermore, that of the studio: ensuring that the works do not become too self-referential and insular. Indeed, some of the objects I make are made only for me, they have a cooperative relationship with the studio, they can be dismantled, studied and reassembled: thus informing other works or opening-up new avenues of thought. Others end up being looked at by others, thus transcending the studio environment - potentially becoming artifacts.

Artist's Email Address : jmartynackerley@gmail.com